Friday, October 21, 2011

Summer Recap...get in on the Buzzzzzz!

Since Clean Bees is new to the blogosphere, I figured, what better way to launch us into this world then by blogging about US--your beloved bees. We had quite the eventful summer here in Fort Collins, complete with many hard working hours, of course… but who wants to hear about that??
We kicked off the summer getting settled into our great new office space. With our company growing as it is (as well as Katie’s family), it was definitely an exciting and much needed move! Stay tuned for pictures… We have a pretty nice space with lots of personality, just like us!

Another exciting event for the Bees this summer was a very successful Bike-to-Work Day. We had about 14 of the bees participate and biked over 280 miles collectively! It was tiring but well worth it for sure! Watch for us next year, we hope to have more of the girls biking with our awesome Clean Bees bike trailers once the weather starts to get warmer again.

On August 28th, some of the Bees bravely took on Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s famous 14ers. Although not all could attend, Courtney, McRae, Catherine, and Emily M represented us well and made it all the way to the top! We found out Bees can survive at 14,000 feet after all.

On September 4th, in true Clean Bees fashion, we also celebrated our favorite holiday… The famous Tour de Fat! Maybe you saw us if you watched the parade as we gallivanted in our awesome homemade New Belgium beer costumes (got to represent!) Or maybe you noticed Katie and Erin’s quaint little gnome family. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page, we looked pretty fabulous!

Finally, we all enjoyed a nice relaxing barbeque with great food, music and awesome company. Don’t worry Erin… If you are reading this you should be happy I have decided to not share the video I have of you breaking it down on the dance floor! It marked the perfect end to a great summer and all in attendance definitely enjoyed letting up their feet and just having a good time.

Needless to say we were busy bees this summer and we can’t wait to see what the fall and winter bring us. 

-Emily M (aka squeegee)