Thursday, November 3, 2011

Check out Healing Gardens Acupressure

As a locally-minded company, we pride ourselves on our relationships with other like-minded business owners in our community. We are even lucky enough to have many of them as customers of our own. With their continued support we take any opportunity we can to help their businesses grow!

Karen McLeod is a long-time customer of Clean Bees who owns her own business, Healing Green with Acupressure. This method is a natural alternative to help reduce stress and relieve pain. Not a believer in the healing arts? You should at least check it out! The testimonials say it all, alleviation of pain and stress through acupressure is possible; no needles, no medication, just simple touch therapy.

As a housekeeper, I experience pains all over… Karen gave me two minutes of acupressure on my upper back for a little taste of what acupressure can do. She simply applied pressure for two minutes straight and in that short time I immediately noticed a difference. I can’t imagine what she could do for me in a 20-minute session, and I can’t wait to find out!

Here is her website so you can learn more: (Really, we insist, check it out!) 


The holiday season is here! Give the gift of a clean home to your loved ones!

Halloween always reminds me that the holiday season is now upon us… there is no escaping it now! As exciting as the holidays are, we are aware they also bring along quite a bit of stress to our already busy lives. This year, don’t forget about Clean Bees! We are here to offer services that allow you to be less stressed and truly enjoy this special time of year with your family & friends.
Here are some of the services we offer to help you out:

   Never used a cleaning service before? Have us come in for either one time cleaning help and/or for a regular service. Simply request an estimate.
   Already use Clean Bees? Remember you can book in additional cleaning hours on top of your regularly scheduled cleanings. Don’t forget we can help with rooms that are normally not included as well as before/after a holiday party, simply contact us.
   And for those of you going out of town don’t forget that we offer stress free pet and/or house sitting, contact us for pricing and availability.

      We look forward to helping you enjoy the upcoming holiday months!