Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bikes & Beehives

Bikes and Beehives

Being members of the Fort Collins community and having the opportunity to participate in such a progressive lifestyle gave us a couple of great ideas for our company gifts this holiday season.  Riding our bikes around town, it’s awesome to see other Fort Collins residents pedaling away, in rain or shine or snow. And we love seeing people take sustainability into their own hands by building chicken coops for fresh eggs and beehives for pollinating gardens. So, we decided to take these concepts we hold near and dear to our hearts and spread the love to other communities where these simple ideas can make some big changes.

Fort Collins has an awesome bike-centric mindset. People young and old are able to unite over the simple pleasures of bikes for recreation and transportation. As a company we encourage our employees to ride their bikes everywhere, to and from school, to work, and even when they are out and about on the weekends. We hunted high and low for a way to share our love for bikes. World Vision provided such an opportunity. Through this non-profit dedicated to working with children and their families to tackle issues of poverty, exploitation, and injustice we donated a bike to a young girl in need. This donation of a bike will allow a young girl to continue her education by offering a speedy way to get to and from school. After learning that many girls quit school because of lack of transportation and safety fears, we knew this would be the perfect gift.

Reflecting on the things we value about our city, mainly our efforts to keep things local and sustainable, we looked for organizations that provide ways to share our community values with others. Our searching brought us to Heifer International, a non-profit with the goal of providing a sustainable living lifestyle all over the world. Through this forward -minded organization we gifted a beehive to a community so that they would be able to provide an income to the family tending the hives through the sale of honey and other bee related products. This gift will also help their community as a whole by increasing crop yields through pollination by the bees!

We let our love for the community and all that makes living in Fort Collins great inspire us to find holiday gifts. What inspires you?


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