Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reflections on 2011

With 2011 nearing it’s end, we would like to take some time to reflect on all of the exciting changes that have happened in the Hive. Thanks to all of our customers, dedicated staff, and supportive community, we’ve been able to accomplish some pretty remarkable stuff. We’ve worked tirelessly to improve and grow in many ways this year.

We started the year out with the goal of finding a bigger and brighter space for the hive. In May we found the prefect new home to set us up for success heading into the busy summer season! Once we found a place with growing room, grow we did! We expanded our customer base and with that it became apparent we had the need to bring more bees into the hive. Check out all the Bees profiles.

The new office has opened so many doors we never imagined. The space has provided room for more Bees to be in the office. We now have space for a Quality Control and Training Team, Event Coordinators, and Customer Profile Manager. We also have an awesome new in-house bookkeeper. We have been able to do way more blogging and Facebooking, and we’ve been putting some serious effort into our marketing, with LOTS more to come in 2012.

In July, we lost our long term Office Manager, Erin. A death in her family inspired her to pursue her dreams, and we’re so happy we got the chance to work with such a powerhouse of a woman. Though it was a total shock to our system to see her leave, we took the hand we were dealt and have been made better and stronger company.  Courtney, a half decade old Bee, stepped in to be the new Office Manager. She’s brought so much to the table and we’re so excited to now be fine-tuning our systems. Other Bees have stepped up in so many ways to help delegate tasks and create room to expand our company.

Amidst all the changes, we didn’t forget about commitment to positive change in our community. We were able to support the local organization Care Housing at Provincetowne by participating in their welcome fair and we even gave away a cleaning during the event. We’re looking this coming year to work with even more local organizations, and we’re more than open to suggestions about organizations you’re into.

Our Climate Wise partnership is as strong as ever, and we are proud to have attained Silver status.  We’ve earned it! Climate Wise has provided us with tons of resources and opportunities to become a business that can take ownership and be environmental stewards.  We participated in the City’s Bike to Work Day, and even hope to sponsor a station for the Spring 2012 Bike to Work day.  We’re setting our goals high in 2012- Gold status is in the works. This means we’re working on finding a Climate Wise partner Mentor and we’re doing some serious brainstorming about projects we can take on as a company.  Wish us luck- we’ll keep you posted.

Cheers to 2011. Cheers to Clean Bees for being so committed to our goals and making stuff happen! We’re beyond excited to see what 2012 brings us.


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